Seaman William Williams VC DSM & Bar - Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS 'Pargust' - 'Q' Ship )

Names N to Y

Alphabetical list of Victoria Cross recipients who attended the end of World War II Victory Day Celebration Reception held at the Dorchester Hotel, London, on 8th June 1946.

FName LName Regiment Campaign Year

Harry NICHOLLS 3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards Belgium 1940

Michael O'LEARY 1st Bn, Irish Guards France 1915
James OCKENDON 1st Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers Belgium 1917
John ORMSBY 2nd Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Inf France 1917

James PITTS 1st Bn, Manchester Regiment South Africa 1900
Basil PLACE Royal Navy ( HM Submarine X.7 ) Norway 1943
James POLLOCK 5th Bn, Cameron Highlanders France 1915
Arthur PROCTER 5th Bn, King's ( Liverpool ) Regiment France 1916

William RATCLIFFE 2nd Bn, South Lancashire Regiment Belgium 1917
John READITT 6th Bn, South Lancashire Regiment Mesopotamia 1917
Ivor REES 11th Bn, South Wales Borderers Belgium 1917
William REID Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Germany 1943
Henry REYNOLDS 12th Bn, Royal Scots Belgium 1917
Walter RITCHIE 2nd Bn, Seaforth Highlanders France 1916
Charles ROBERTSON 10th Bn, Royal Fusiliers Belgium 1918
William ROBERTSON 2nd Bn, Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1899
George ROUPELL 1st Bn, East Surrey Regiment Belgium 1915

George SANDERS 7th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment France 1916
Charles SHARPE 2nd Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment France 1915
Albert SHEPHERD 12th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps France 1917
Robert SHERBROOKE Royal Navy ( HMS Onslow ) Arctic 1942

UMRAO SINGH 30th Indian Mountain Regiment Burma 1944
James A SMITH 2nd Bn, Border Regiment France 1914
John SMYTH 15th Ludhiana Sikhs France 1915
Charles SPACKMAN 1st Bn, Border Regiment France 1917
Richard STANNARD Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS Arab ) Norway 1940
Thomas STEELE 1st Bn, Seaforth Highlanders Mesopotamia 1917
George STRINGER 1st Bn, Manchester Regiment Mesopotamia 1916
Ernest SYKES 27th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers France 1917
William SYMONDS 7th Bn, AIF Gallopoli 1915

Henry TANDEY 5th Bn, Duke of Wellington's Regiment France 1918
John THOMAS 5th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment France 1917
James TOWERS 2nd Bn, Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles ) France 1918
William TRAYNOR 2nd Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment South Africa 1901
Leonard TRENT Royal New Zealand Air Force The Netherlands 1943
Thomas TURRALL 10th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment France 1916

Charles UPHAM 20th Bn, ( Canterbury Regiment ), NZMF Crete / Egypt 1941 & 1942
James UPTON 1st Bn, Sherwood Foresters France 1915

Theodore VEALE 8th Bn, Devonshire Regiment France 1916

Henry WEALE 14th Bn, Royal Welch Fusiliers France 1918
James WELCH 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment France 1917
Jack WHITE 6th Bn, King's Own Royal Regiment Mesopotamia 1917
William WHITE 38th Bn, Machine Gun Corps France 1918
Alfred WILCOX 4th Bn, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry France 1918
John H WILLIAMS 10th Bn, South Wales Borderers France 1918
William WILLIAMS Royal Naval Reserve ( HMS Pargust ) Atlantic 1917
Wilfred WOOD 10th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers Italy 1918
Joseph WOODALL 1st Bn, The Rifle Brigade France 1918
Peter WRIGHT 3rd Bn, Coldstream Guards Italy 1943
George WYATT 3rd Bn, Coldstream Guards France 1918

Thomas YOUNG 9th Bn, Durham Light Infantry France 1918


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