Hon Captain Gaje Ghale VC - 2nd Bn, 5th Gurkha Rifles

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Alphabetical list of Victoria Cross recipients who attended the end of World War II Victory Day Celebration Reception held at the Dorchester Hotel, London, on 8th June 1946.

FName LName Regiment Campaign Year

Norman FINCH Royal Marine Artillery ( HMS Vindictive ) Zeebrugge 1918
William FULLER 2nd Bn, Welch Regiment France 1914

Charles GARFORTH 'A' Sqdn, 15th (The King's) Hussars France 1914

GAJE GHALE 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles Burma 1943
Sidney GODLEY 4th Bn, Royal Fusiliers Belgium 1914
Thomas GOULD Royal Navy ( HM Submarine Thrasher ) Off Crete 1942
Fred GREAVES 9th Bn, Sherwood Foresters Belgium 1917
Harry GREENWOOD 9th Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Infantry France 1918
William GREGG 13th Bn, The Rifle Brigade France 1918
William GRIMBALDESTON 1st Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers Belgium 1917
John GRIMSHAW 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers Gallipoli 1915

Joel HALLIWELL 11th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers France 1918
Albert HALTON 1st Bn, King's Own Royal Regiment Belgium 1917
Percy HANSEN 6th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment Gallipoli 1915
Samuel HARVEY 1st Bn, York & Lancaster Regiment France 1915
Reginald HAYWARD 1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment France 1918
Norman HOLBROOK Royal Navy ( HM Sumbarine B.11 ) Dardanelles 1914
John HOLLAND 3rd Bn, Leinster Regiment France 1916
Stanley HOLLIS 6th Bn, Green Howards Normandy 1944
Frederick HOLMES 2nd Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Inf France 1914
Charles HULL 21st Lancers NW Frontier 1915
Alfred HULME 20th Bn, ( Canterbury Regiment ), NZMF Crete 1941
David HUNTER 5th Bn, Highland Light Infantry France 1918
James HUTCHINSON 7th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers France 1918
Arthur HUTT 7th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment Belgium 1917

Norman JACKSON Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Over Germany 1944
Francis JEFFERSON 2nd Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers Italy 1944
Thomas JONES 1st Bn, Cheshire Regiment France 1916

John KENNEALLY Irish Guards Tunisia 1943
Henry KENNY 1st Bn, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment France 1915
Leonard KEYSOR 1st Bn, AIF Gallopoli 1915
Frank KIRBY Royal Engineers & Royal Air Force South Africa 1900
Alfred KNIGHT 8th Bn, London Regiment ( P.O. Rifles ) Belgium 1917
Henry KNIGHT 1st Bn, King's ( Liverpool ) Regiment South Africa 1900

Daniel LAIDLAW 7th Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers France 1915
David LAUDER 4th Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers Gallopoli 1915
Edward LAWSON 1st Bn, Gordon Highlanders NW Frontier 1897
James LEACH 2nd Bn, Manchester Regiment France 1914
Herbert LEWIS 11th Bn, Welch Regiment Salonica 1918
Joseph LISTER 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers Belgium 1917
Frederick LUKE 37th Battery, Royal Field Artillery France 1914

John MCAULAY 1st Bn, Scots Guards France 1917
George MACINTOSH 6th Bn, Gordon Highlanders Belgium 1917
David MACINTYRE 4th Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders France 1918
William MCNALLY 8th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment Italy 1918
Frederick MCNESS 1st Bn, Scots Guards France 1916
Francis MILES 5th Bn, Gloucestershire Regiment France 1918
John MOLYNEUX 2nd Bn, Royal Fusiliers Belgium 1917
Edward MOTT 1st Bn, Border Regiment France 1917
Albert MOUNTAIN 17th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment France 1918
John MOYNEY 2nd Bn, Irish Guards Belgium 1917
Harold MUGFORD 8th Bn, Machine Gun Corps France 1917
Edgar MYLES 8th Bn, Welch Regiment Mesopotamia 1916

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