Lieutenant Colonel David Currie VC - 29th Canadian Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, ( South Alberta Regiment ), Canadian Armoured Corps

Alphabetical list of Victoria Cross recipients who attended the VC Centenary Review of Holders of the Decoration by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Hyde Park, London, 26th June 1956

On their arrival at Portsmouth, Canadian Victoria Cross holders on board the liner Homeric on the 20th June 1956.


Title 1956 FName LName Rank/VC award Regiment Year

Mr Colin BARRON Corporal Central Ontario Regiment 1917
Mr Edward BELLEW Captain British Columbia Regiment 1915
Lt-Commander Roland BOURKE Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 1918
Mr Alexander BRERETON Private Manitoba Regiment 1918
Lt-Colonel William CLARKE-KENNEDY Lt-Colonel Quebec Regiment 1918
Lt-Colonel David CURRIE Major South Alberta Regiment 1944
Mr Thomas DINESON Private Quebec Regiment 1918
Major John FOOTE Hon Captain Canadian Chaplain's Service 1942
Major Benjamin GEARY 2nd Lieutenant East Surrey Regiment 1915
Brigadier Milton GREGG Lieutenant Royal Canadian Regiment 1918
Mr Robert HANNA CSM British Columbia Regiment 1917
Brigadier Frederick HARVEY Lieutenant Lord Strathcona's Horse 1917
Mr John KERR Private Alberta Regiment 1916
Mr Cecil KINROSS Private Alberta Regiment 1917
Mr Filip KONOWAL A / Corporal British Columbia Regiment 1917
Colonel Thain MACDOWELL Captain East Ontario Regiment 1917
Lt-Colonel John MAHONEY Major Westminster (Motor) Regiment 1944
Lt-Colonel Cecil MERRITT Lt-Colonel South Saskatchewan Regiment 1942
Mr William METCALFE L / Corporal Manitoba Regiment 1918
Lt-Colonel Coulson MITCHELL Captain Canadian Engineers 1918
Major George MULLIN Sergeant Princess Patricia's Canadian LI 1917
Maj-General George PEARKES Captain Canadian Mounted Rifles 1917
Colonel Cyrus PECK Lt-Colonel Manitoba Regiment 1918
Mr Henry ROBSON Private Royal Scots 1914
Mr Charles RUTHERFORD Lieutenant Canadian Mounted Rifles 1918
Lt-Colonel Robert SHANKLAND Lieutenant Queen's Own Camerons of Canada 1917
Sergeant Ernest SMITH Private Seaforth Highlanders of Canada 1944
Lt-Colonel Harcus STRACHAN Lieutenant Fort Garry Horse 1917
Major Frederick TILSON A / Major Essex - Scottish Regiment 1945
Mr Joseph TOMBS L / Corporal King's (Liverpool) Regiment 1915
Mr Frederick TOPHAM Corporal 1st Canadian Parachute Bn 1945
Mr Charles TRAIN Corporal London Scottish Regiment 1917
Colonel Paul TRIQUET A / Major Royal 22nd Regiment 1943
Sir Richard TURNER Lieutenant Royal Canadian Dragoons 1900
Mr Raphael ZENGEL Sergeant Saskatchewan Regiment 1918

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