Brigadier Arthur Blackburn VC CMG CBE - 10th Bn, Australian Imperial Force

Alphabetical list of Victoria Cross recipients who attended the VC Centenary Review of Holders of the Decoration by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Hyde Park, London, 26th June 1956

Two images (picture-one) and (picture two) of some of the Australian Victoria Cross contingent arriving on the liner Arcadia at Tilbury Docks, London, on the 19th June 1956.


Title 1956 FName LName Rank/VC award Regiment Year

Mr Thomas AXFORD L / Corporal 16th Bn, AIF 1918
Brigadier Arthur BLACKBURN 2nd Lieutenant 10th Bn, AIF 1916
Mr Albert BORELLA Lieutenant 26th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Thomas CALDWELL Sergeant Royal Scots Fusiliers 1918
Mr John CARROLL Private 3rd Bn, AIF 1917
Mr George CARTWRIGHT Private 33rd Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Roden CUTLER Leiutenant 5th Field Artillery, AIF 1941
Mr Henry DALZIEL Driver 15th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr William DUNSTAN Corporal 7th Bn, AIF 1915
Mr John DWYER Sergeant Australian Machine Gun Corps, AIF 1917
Mr Robert GEE Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 1917
Mr Bernard GORDON L / Corporal 41st Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Arthur HALL Corporal 54th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr John P HAMILTON Private 3rd Bn, AIF 1915
Mr John HOLLAND Lieutenant Leinster Regiment 1916
Mr George HOWELL Corporal 1st Bn, AIF 1917
Mr George INGRAM Lieutenant 24th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Reginald INWOOD Private 10th Bn, AIF 1917
Mr William JACKSON Private 17th Bn, AIF 1916
Lt-Colonel William JOYNT Lieutenant 8th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Richard KELLIHER Private 25th Bn, AIF 1943
Mr Edward KENNA Private 4th Infantry Bn, AIF 1945
Mr Joseph MAXWELL Lieutenant 18th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Lawrence MCCARTHY Lieutenant 16th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Stanley MCDOUGALL Sergeant 47th Bn, AIF 1918
Air Vice Marshal Frank MCNAMARA Lieutenant 67 (Australian) Sqdn, RFC 1917
Mr Rupert MOON Lieutenant 58th Bn, AIF 1917
Lt-Colonel Henry MURRAY Captain 13th Bn, AIF 1917
Mr Frank PARTRIDGE Private 8th Infantry Bn, AIF 1945
Mr Walter PEELER L / Corporal 3rd Pioneer Bn, AIF 1917
Mr James ROGERS Sergeant South African Constabulary 1901
Mr William RUTHVEN Sergeant 55th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Clifford SADLIER Lieutenant 51st Bn, AIF 1918
Mr Leslie STARCEVICH Private 43rd Infantry Bn, AIF 1945
Mr Percy STATTON Sergeant 40th Bn, AIF 1918
Judge Percy STORKEY Lieutenant 19th Bn, AIF 1918
Mr James WOODS Private 48th Bn, AIF 1918

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