Unknown location of 2nd Boer War Victoria Crosses ( 7 )
78 Victoria Crosss were awarded for the 2nd Boer War 1899 - 1902

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VCs awarded for the 2nd Boer War ( 1899 - 1902 )
Rank First Name Last Name Regiment
Corporal Harry CRANDON VC Sold by Spink on 15 September 1989
Farrier Sergeant Alfred IND VC sold by Spink on 26 September 1986
Major Robert JOHNSTON No history
Captain Conwyn MANSEL-JONES No history
Major General William NICKERSON VC believed to be held by the family
Co Sergeant Major Charles WARD VC unsold by Sotheby's on 21 October 1982
Captain David YOUNGER No history

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1 September 2013