Lieutenant Walter Hamilton VC - Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Punjab Frontier Force Cavalry )

Indian Army Victoria Cross Holders

( awarded during the 19th Century )
( 1859 - 1904 )

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Rank First Name Last Name Regiment
Wagher Uprising, Kathia War 1859
Lieutenant General Charles Augustus GOODFELLOW Bombay Engineers
Second China War - 1857-1860
Hospital Apprentice Andrew FITZGIBBON Bengal Subordinate Medical Service
New Zealand 1860-1866
Major General Sir John Carstairs MCNEILL 107th Regiment ( Bengal Infantry )
( 107th B.I. was a British Regiment )
Umbeyla Expedition 1863
Colonel George Vincent FOSBERY 4th Bengal ( European ) Regiment ( Cadre )
att'd HM 104th Regiment ( Bengal Fusiliers )
Captain Henry William PITCHER 1st Punjab Infantry
Bhutan 1864-1866
Captain James DUNDAS Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
Major General William Spottiswoode TREVOR Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
Lushai Expedition 1871-1872
Major General Donald MACINTYRE 2nd Goorkha ( Sirmoor Rifles ) Regiment
Ashantee War, West Africa 1873-1874
Major General Reginald William SARTORIUS 6th Bengal Cavalry
att'd West African ( Gold Coast ) Regiment
Perak Expedition, Malaya 1874
General George Nicholas CHANNER 1st Goorkha Regiment
Quetta, India 1877
Major Andrew SCOTT 4th Sikh Infantry
2nd Afghan War 1878-1880
The Reverend James William ADAMS Bengal Ecclesiastical Department
Colonel William St Lucien CHASE 28th Bombay Native Infantry
Major John COOK 5th Goorkha Regiment
General Sir O'Moore CREAGH Mharwara Battalion
Lieutenant Walter Richard HAMILTON Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Cavalry )
Colonel Sir Arthur George HAMMOND Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Infantry )
General Sir Reginald Clare HART Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
General Sir Edward Pemberton LEACH Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
Major General William John VOUSDEN 5th Punjab Cavalry
Naga Expedition 1879-1880
Colonel Richard Kirby RIDGEWAY 44th ( Sylhet ) Bengal Native ( Light ) Infantry
3rd Burmese War 1887-1889
Colonel John CRIMMIN Bombay Medical Services
Manipur, Burma 1891
Colonel Charles James GRANT 12th ( 2nd Burma Bn ) Madras Infantry
Hunza & Nagar Expedition 1891
Lieutenant General Sir Fenton John AYLMER Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
Brigadier Guy Hudleston BOISRAGON 5th Gurkha ( Rifle ) Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel John Manners SMITH 5th Gurkha ( Rifle ) Regiment
Chitral, North West Frontier 1895
Surgeon Major Harry Frederick WHITCHURCH Bengal Medical Service
Malakand Field Force, North West Frontier 1897
Major General Robert Bellew ADAMS Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Cavalry )
Colonel James Morris COLVIN Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
Brigadier General Edmond William COSTELLO 22nd Bengal Infantry
Lieutenant Hector Lachlan MACLEAN Queen's Own Corps of Guides ( Cavalry )
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Colclough WATSON Royal Engineers & Bengal Sappers & Miners
2nd Boer War 1899-1902
Brigadier General Francis Aylmer MAXWELL 18th Bengal Lancers
att'd Robert's Horse, South African Forces
Ashanti, West Africa 1900
Major General Sir Charles John MELLISS 9th Bombay Infantry
sec'd N Nigeria Regiment, West Africa Field Force
Somaliland 1901-1904
Major Herbert Augustine CARTER 101st Grenadiers, India Army
att'd 6th Coy, Poona Mounted Infantry
General Sir Alexander Stanhope COBBE 32nd Punjab Pioneers
sec'd 1st ( Central Africa Bn ), King's African Rifles
Major George Murray ROLLAND 1st Grenadier Regiment, Bombay Infantry
Major General William George WALKER 4th Gurkha Rifles
sec'd Bikanir Camel Corps
Tibet 1903-1904
Colonel John Duncan GRANT 8th Gurkha Rifles

1st World War

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