Boatswain's Mate Henry Curtis VC - Royal Navy ( Naval Brigade )

The first investiture of the Victoria Cross by Queen Victoria took place in Hyde Park, London, on Friday, 26th June 1857. The 62 Crimean War veterans named below are listed in order of service and regimental precedence and in the order Queen Victoria pinned the Cross on their uniform coats. The remaining VC winners not in attendance were presented with their award at the location of their current service.

A painting by George H Thomas ( 1824-1868 ) of Queen Victoria making the first presentation of the Victoria Cross in Hyde Park. And a watercolour believed to have been painted by Constanin Guys, who was employed by the "Illustrated London News" as a war artist during the Crimean War.

George H. Thomas
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Constantin Guys
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No. Rank FName LName Service

1. Commander Henry RABY Royal Navy
2. Commander John BYTHESEA Royal Navy
3. Commander Hugh BURGOYNE Royal Navy
4. Lieutenant Charles LUCAS Royal Navy
5. Lieutenant William HEWETT Royal Navy
6. Gunner John ROBARTS Royal Navy
7. Boatswain Joseph KELLAWAY Royal Navy
8. Boatswain Henry COOPER Royal Navy
9. Seaman Joseph TREWAVAS Royal Navy
10. Seaman Thomas REEVES Royal Navy
11. Bosun's Mate Henry CURTIS Royal Navy
12. Capt of the Mast George INGOUVILLE Royal Navy

13. Lieutenant George DOWELL Royal Marine Artillery
14. Bombadier Thomas WILKINSON Royal Marine Artillery

15. Sergeant-Major John GRIEVE 2nd Dragoons
16. Private Samuel PARKES 4th Dragoons
17. Lieutenant Alexander DUNN 11th Hussars
18. Troop-Sgt-Major John BERRYMAN 17th Lancers
19. Colonel Collingwood DICKSON Royal Artillery
20. Captain Andrew HENRY Royal Artillery
21. Captain Gronow DAVIS Royal Artillery
22. Master-Gunner Daniel CAMBRIDGE Royal Artillery
23. Gunner Thomas ARTHUR Royal Artillery
24. Lieutenant Gerald GRAHAM Royal Engineers
25. Corporal John ROSS Royal Engineers
26. Corporal William LENDRIM Royal Engineers
27. Sapper John PERIE Royal Engineers
28. Colonel Henry PERCY Grenadier Guards
29. Brevet-Major Charles RUSSELL Grenadier Guards
30. Sergeant Alfred ABLETT Grenadier Guards
31. Private Anthony PALMER Grenadier Guards
32. Brevet-Major Gerald GOODLAKE Coldstream Guards
33. Brevet-Major John CONOLLY Coldstream Guards
34. Private George STRONG Coldstream Guards
35. Brevet-Major Robert LINDSAY Scots Fusilier Guards
36. Sergeant James MCKECHNIE Scots Fusilier Guards
37. Private William REYNOLDS Scots Fusilier Guards
38. Private Thomas GRADY 4th Reg ( King's Own Regiment )
39. Lieutenant William HOPE 7th Reg ( Royal Fusiliers )
40. Asst Surgeon Thomas HALE 7th Reg ( Royal Fusiliers )
41. Private Matthew HUGHES 7th Reg ( Royal Fusiliers )
42. Private William NORMAN 7th Reg ( Royal Fusiliers )
43. Ensign Andrew MOYNIHAN 8th Reg ( King's ( Liverpool ) Regiment )
44. Private Samuel EVANS 19th Reg ( Yorkshire Regiment )
45. Private John LYONS 19th Reg ( Yorkshire Regiment )
46. Lieutenant Luke O'CONNOR 23rd Reg ( Royal Welch Fusiliers )
47. Corporal Robert SHIELDS 23rd Reg ( Royal Welch Fusiliers )
48. Private William COFFEY 34th Reg ( Border Regiment )
49. Private John SIMS 34th Reg ( Border Regiment )
50. Sergeant William MCWHEENEY 44th Reg ( Essex Regiment )
51. Sergeant George WALTERS 49th Reg ( Royal Berkshire Regiment )
52. Corporal James OWENS 49th Reg ( Royal Berkshire Regiment )
53. Brevet-Major Charles LUMLEY 97th Reg ( Queen's O R West Kent Regiment )
54. Sergeant John COLEMAN 97th Reg ( Queen's O R West Kent Regiment )
55. Brevet-Major Henry CLIFFORD 1st Bn. The Rifle Brigade
56. Private Joseph BRADSHAW 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
57. Private Francis WHEATLEY 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
58. Captain William CUNINGHAME 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
59. Lieutenant John KNOX 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
60. Private Roderick MCGREGOR 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
61. Private John HUMPSTON 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade
62. Brevet-Major Claud BOURCHIER 3rd Bn. The Rifle Brigade

63. Private William STANLAKE Coldstream Guards

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